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General Questions

Where can I buy a Wingboard?

Please find your nearest dealers on our Tiki Shop Finder map.

Where can I find Starboard Wingboard product catalogue?

You can view our catalogue on the catalogue page CLICK HERE.

And see the product overview CLICK HERE.

Where can I see the price of a Wingboard?

Please find and contact your local dealer or distributor from our Tiki Shop Finder map and they can give the price in your local currency.

Can you recommend a Wingboard for me?

Please stand by – we will create a board selector guide soon.

How to choose between Hard or Inflatable Wingboard?

Please stand by – we will create a board selector guide soon.

Where can I find the board accessories?

Packaged accessories differ between board models and construction. Learn more about the different accessories options here.

Please find your nearest dealers on our Tiki Shop Finder map to buy the accessories.

How can I make a warranty claim?

To see how your Warranty Claim can be processed, CLICK HERE.
Download the form to be completed and sent to your original dealer/ store.

Questions About Wingboards

Best conditions to learn how to Wingboard?

Preferably start to wingboard in an enclosed body of water with 10-15 knots of wind pushing from the side. Offshore winds can be dangerous for learners as it’s easy to be swept away from shore.

What accessories should I use when Wingboarding?

It is very important to always be attached to your gear. Use a leg or ankle leash with your Wingboard and use the wrist leash with your Freewing. Helmets are advised when winging and you may wish to use an impact vest if using racing foils.

Where do I place my footstraps?

In general the rear footstrap will sit directly over the foil (preferences may differ). We suggest starting with the footstraps in the middle of the inserts and placing the foil in the middle of the tracks. The XL Footstraps are designed to have a spread of 18cm and can be extended/retracted.

What foil pairs best with the Wingboard and Take Off boards?

ou can use any track foil with all of the Sup foil and Wingboard ranges. Learners generally opt for a large, medium aspect wing with the 82″ Mast. We have found that the S-Type 2000 + 82 Carbon Mast + 250 Razor rear wing is a great combination for light wind days and learning how to wing. More advanced riders will move to smaller foil sizes, longer masts such as the 92″ mast. For the full range of Starboard Foils see: http://starboardfoils.com

Why do the Wingboard and Take Off models have a concave deck?

The concave deck allows a low rider center of gravity and brings you closer to the foil for the best sensation when foiling. The additional rail volume adds stability and float.

Why are there leash inserts on the front and back of the board?

We have the option of the forward leash insert to minimise the chance of your leash getting wrapped around the foil.

What is the air vent for?

The self-breathing vent allows the board to adjust to hot and cold climates. This is a self-breathing vent meaning there is no need to unscrew the vent. If your board has a self-breathing vent plug, do not remove it.

Questions Wingboard Setup

We don’t have any Wingbaord Setup resources at this time. Please check back again.