Take Off

High Performance Freestyle/wave Foil Boards

Take Off

High Performance Freestyle/wave Foil Boards





The Take Off has seen great success and enthusiasm, particularly from our riders in wing freestyle competitions, with Dream Team riders using our latest and smallest Take Off models in a range of events.


The 2024 Take Off has been completely redesigned to be a more performance-oriented freestyle wing foil model. A new size range with slightly longer but narrower sizes has allowed us to achieve faster Take Offs and more even flying when at speed. The streamline shape includes a thin nose for faster and more balanced flying, and the cutaway tail creates a narrow pin at the tip for reduced drag in the air and water. The bottom shape features sharp rails with a flat midsection for predictability and recovery in touchdowns from any angle.


The new Take Off range suits intermediate to advanced riders, with sizes from 5’3″ x 25.5″ and above catering for a range of foiling with wing and SUP foiling, and sizes from 5’0″ x 24.5″ down to 4’0″ x 18.5″ perfect for high-performance wing and foil surfing. The larger 7’0″ x 31″ and 6’3″ x 28″ are designed for heavier riders wanting to take their winging or SUP Foiling to new heights.





The longer and narrower design gives the Take Off faster liftoff and better aerodynamics for a smoother flight. Featuring a pulled in nose and tail outline with reduced profile thickness.


Performance-focused, more manoeuvrable in turns, and faster when flying.


The rocker is fine tuned for stable flight while being very forgiving when touching down. The rocker is optimized for the best control over the foil without needing to shim your foil.


For the best possible connection, the standing area recess gives a direct connection to the foil. Smaller models are dug out even further for the best possible control.


The smooth release with sharp rail edges and the flat bottom give instant takeoff and are more predictable when touching down.


The cutaway forms a pin tail for better release in takeoff and less resistance when touching down.


The new brushed deck pad is less abrasive on the knees while offering comfort and grip. The Take Off also features a kick pad for wave surfing.


• Designed for the best comfort and performance in wingboarding, utilising the best Yulex neoprene construction in the industry to deliver a soft and secure footstrap.

• With a 60 degree angle, the new footstrap is designed to perfectly mould to the shape of your foot when inserted in our range of foil boards.

• Multiple footstrap screw holes are built into the reinforced yulex, giving riders the adjustability to angle the footstrap in their preferred riding position and angle.


Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage. Made with stretchable polyester, it fits various board shapes. Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.


Measure from the nose of the board:

4’0″ 9cm // 4’3″ 12cm // 4’7″ 16.5cm // 4’10” 17cm // 5’0″ 17cm //5’3″ 22cm // 5’5″ 22cm // 6’3″ 23cm // 7’0″ 28cm

Board Constructions

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• Top grade 150g Biaxial Carbon wraps the entire board, joining with an overlap on the deck and bottom to create flat stringer, increasing the total breakage strength.

• 2 skins of durable fibre glass form a sandwich around the biaxial Carbon, protecting the carbon by dampening and absorbing the impact.

• Multiple reinforcements in the standing area, nose and tail increase impact resistance.




• Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail/ nose reinforcements.
• Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
• All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.


Available Sizes

NEW 7’0” x 31” / 130 L

The big brother. The 7’0″ was scaled up from our 6’4″ model after demand from the bigger guys getting into the world of winging. The 7’0″ 130L Take Off is the perfect board to start and progress fast in winging for riders up to 135 kg, and makes for a stable and responsive SUP Foil model for riders up to 110 kg. We felt that this new Take Off design has superior takeoff speeds, excellent release from the cutaway tail, a stable performance outline, and easy touchdowns.

Available constructions:

• Lite Tech

NEW 6’4” x 28” / 110 L

Our 110L model is ideal for getting started with winging and progressing to wing foiling. At 110 L, the 6’4″ has plenty of float to get going, and the Take Off speed is some of the best we have come across. The development of the entire Take Off range was shaped by our original design, the 6’4″. This was our first model of the range, and we felt that it shared a great range of aspects; stable and easy to get into winging for nearly every rider, agile and responsive SUP foil performance for riders under 100 kg, and a progressive shape for easy learning and fast progression in any foil sport.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

• Lite Tech

NEW 5’5” x 26.5” / 95 L

The 5’5″ 95L Take Off is that board that will take your winging to the next level. making for an excellent board to get started with winging for lighter riders or an intermediate wing foil board for intermediate riders up to 110 kg. This take off model suits a range of riders and conditions and makes for an awesome SUP surf foil board for riders under 90 kg. The cutaway tail design gives excellent release when taking off, and the finely tuned nose rocker combined with the flat bottom shape, rebounds with ease after touchdowns and jumps. We believe the 5’5 will be one of our best-selling Take Off designs because of the versatility of this board, and the variety of riders and foil sports it caters to.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

• Lite Tech

NEW 5’3” x 25.5” / 85 L

“One of the best all round sizes, in my opinion.” The 5’3″ offers enough volume for an intermediate, lighter rider (under 80 kg) to use as a high-performance SUP foil model.

As well as making an excellent intermediate wing rider model, suiting riders up to 105kg who want to take their wing foiling to the next level. The 5’3″ has been tested by a variety of riders and will be enjoyed by a variety of riders for various conditions and foil activities.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

• Lite Tech

NEW 5’0” x 24.5” / 75 L

The first of our wing/wave Take Off models. Riders under 70 kg will appreciate this compact design for SUP foil surfing, which offers fantastic wave performance in a low volume and nimble package.

Riders weighing up to 100 kg can enjoy winging on the 5’0″ Take Off.The 5’0″ is a high performance board that can be used for a variety of foil sports, offering a unique experience for every rider.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

• Lite Tech

NEW 4’10” x 23” / 65 L

The 64L 4’10″ Take Off is our larger, freestyle specific model. catering for riders up to 95kg looking to take their winging to the next level. The larger volume, compact design is stable and nimble, with enough float to get you foiling in light to strong winds.The 4’10” is the larger rider’s performance takeoff: excellent takeoff, easy touchdowns, and balanced volume distribution.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

• Lite Tech

NEW 4’7” x 22” / 55 L

A favorite among our testers, the 4’7″ offers fast Take Offs, easy touchdowns, and is maneuverable and high performing in jumps and turns in a range of conditions. The 55L model Take Off is specifically designed as a freestyle wing foil board for riders around 85kg, and we couldn’t believe how fast and user friendly the Take Off was in a range of conditions.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 4’3” x 20” / 40 L

A true performance Take Off. With enough float to accommodate a 75kg rider in reasonably light conditions, this 4’3″ Take Off design offers excellent performance in an easy to use design. The finely tuned rocker allows riders to land and recover easily from jumps, and the lowered deck area gives you a great connection to the foil. Recommended for high level riders under 75 kg.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 4’0” x 18.5” / 30 L

The shortest and lowest volume take off ever…

Leading the way in performance wing freestyle, the 4’0″ Take Off is designed for light riders and high performing riders wanting to take their wing foiling to the next level. The 30L Take Off is so small that you can’t even feel the board while foiling, giving you maximum control over the foil. The 4’0″ Take Off also makes for an excellent prone foil board crossover for light wind and wavy days. Recommended for elite riders and light riders.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon


What’s included varies between board models & constructions


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Model7'0" x 31"6'4" x 28"5'5" x 26.5"5'3" x 25.5"5'0" x 24.5"4'10" x 23"4'7" x 22"4'3" x 20"4'0" x 18.5"
Rider WeightWing Foil: 130 kgWing Foil: 120 kgWing Foil: 110 kgWing Foil: 105 kgWing Foil: 95 kgWing Foil: 85 kgWing Foil: 80 kgWing Foil: 75 kgWing Foil: 60 kg
Length7'1" / 213.4 cm6'4" / 193 cm5'5" / 165.1 cm5'3" / 160 cm5'0" / 152.4 cm4'10" / 147.3 cm4'7" / 139.7 cm4'3" / 129.5 cm4'0" / 121.9 cm
Width31" / 78.7 cm28" / 71.1 cm26.5" / 16.5 cm25.5" / 64.8cm24.5" / 62.2 cm23" / 58.4 cm22" / 55.9 cm20" / 50.8 cm18.5" / 47 cm
Tail Width23” / 58.7 cm21.7” / 55.2 cm21.3" / 54.1 cm20.8" / 52.8 cm20.2" / 51.2 cm19.2” / 48.7 cmTBCTBCTBC
Volume130 L110 L95 L85 L75 L65 L55 L40 L30 L
Fin Set UpUS Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 14"US Box 12"US Box 12"
WeightLite Tech: 10.0 kg (Est.)Blue Carbon: 7.8 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 8.8 kg (Est.)
Blue Carbon: 7.1 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 7.7 kg (Est.)
Blue Carbon: 6.1 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 7.4 kg (Est.)
Blue Carbon: 5.9 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 6.9 kg (Est.)
Blue Carbon: 5.4 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 6.4 kg (Est.)
Blue Carbon: 4.9 kg (Est.)Blue Carbon: 4.3 kg (Est.)Blue Carbon: 3.7 kg (Est.)

Board weight tolerance:

Blue Carbon +/- 5% , Lite Tech +/- 6%

For every board Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation.

Each tree absorbs 673kg of CO2 during its first 25 years.

50% of absorption goes towards offsetting this board & 50% is secured as carbon credits to fund livelihood projects in Myanmar.

The average emission from a Starboard board is 100 kg CO2.

By planting 3 trees per board we offset this 10 x over.

The Take Off has an average carbon footprint of 130.6 kg per board.

1.4 kg of trash is collected per board by starboard pop crews at beaches in Thailand & Myanmar.

Globally, an individual is responsible for 1.4 kg of plastic reaching the ocean every year.

Starboard balances this amount for our customers.

The Take Off has an average plastic content of 11.8 kg per board.