North Beach Windsurfing in St. Pete Beach, Florida reviews the Starboard Wingboard range for wing foiling, specifically targeted at beginner riders just getting started in the sport. In this wing board review video, North Beach Windsurfing take a closer look at the following models:


  • 7’0″ x 30″ Wingboard (140 liters)
  • 6’7″ x 28″ Wingbaord (115 liters)
  • 5’8″ x 25″ Wingbaord (88 liters)
  • 4’6″ x 25″ Wingbaord (69 liters)


Here’s what the North Beach Windsurfing had to say about the new Starboard Wingboard Foil model:



“Stable. Stable. Stable.”


“We can’t say it enough. The Starboard Wingboards are the most stable and user-friendly wing foil boards on the market. These boards don’t look like other wing foil boards, because they’re not, and that’s why they stand out. The 7’0 and 6’7 are our go-to boards in our wing foiling school because of how easy they are to get your first flights in and give you the confidence to push new maneuvers. The 5’8 is a great intermediate board that still boasts the stability of the bigger sizes but in a more compact and maneuverable shape. The 4’6 has a very different shape, but you will be surprised at how stable a 69 liter wing foil board can be. We tested these boards at sea level in saltwater, so if you are winging in higher altitudes and freshwater, size recommendations could be different.”