Air Foil Inflatable


Air Foil Inflatable


Starboard’s innovative Air Foil board is now a patented design, making their direct flight sensation EXCLUSIVE to Starboard.

On top of that, we took last year’s award-winning inflatable wing foil board and made it up to 2.4 kg lighter thanks to the new carbon plate. Traveling with your wing foil gear is now even easier than ever before.

The range has been expanded into 6 different sizes to cater for all rider sizes and performance levels.




  • 每個starboard充氣板均具有焊接的導軌。
  • 焊接可形成完整的氣密縫隙,而不會隨著時間出現脫膠的風險。


  • 支腳和箔之間的距離小於1.5釐米。
  • 直接反應,更好的控制和更好的飛行感覺。
  • 在騎手和箔之間的互動中不再有搖晃的感覺。

NEW 帶板層的板

  • Air Foil Carbon Zen comes with a carbon plate
  • Air Foil Zen comes with an aluminum plate
  • 該板呈錐形並覆蓋有 EVA,以提高腳下的舒適度。


The narrower tails are easier to sink and the more rounded noses touch down less frequently.


The rocker on the nose and the tail of the boards has been increased to enable even easier take offs and more forgiving touchdowns.


4cm longer foil track to cater for different foil sizes and rider styles.


  • 所有 空氣箔 板均配有3條超大腳帶。
  • 由於嵌件之間的距離為 18 釐米,因此您可以擁有更寬的腳帶跨度,以便在箔紙時更好地修剪和控制,因為您可以微調腳的位置。
  • 前面的腳帶有 4 個不同的位置,後面的腳帶有 5 個不同的位置。
  • Foot strap comes included with Carbon Zen and can be purchased after-market for  Zen.

EPP 插頭 





  • 專為空氣箔板設計。
  • 配有額外的口袋,用於存放水力箔齒輪。
  • 足夠的空間舒適地安裝空氣箔板、液壓箔套件、泵和 FreeWing。


  • 牽繩在挫敗時不會妨礙您,但足夠長,可以在跌倒時為您提供距離。
  • 始終繫上皮帶*
  • Comes only with Air Foil Carbon Zen.



  • 打氣時固定軟管和壓力計位置。
  • 通過重新設計的活塞和用於出風口的外管,效率提高了10%。
  • 此外,雙向和單向打氣模式和 更寬的可拆卸腳踏增加了打氣時的穩定性。
  • 2個噴嘴,您將能夠將其用於您的空氣箔板和您的自由翼。



  • Fixed hose and manometer position when inflating.
  • 10% more efficient thanks to the redesigned piston and outside tube for the air outlet. Plus, double and single action pumping modes and wider foldable foot base increases stability when pumping.
  • 2 nozzles, you will be able to use it both for your Air Foil board and your FreeWing.


• Creates smoother glide and adds stability.

• Feel more controlled and less twitchy when switching between strokes.


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  • With only the best core essentials. Built with single-layer Linear dropstitch making it even lighter and stiffer than before. This Linear knitted dropstitch was developed by Starboard with its supplier for Starboard use ONLY.
  • The Heat Welded rails create a complete airtight, mechanically bonded seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. Making the board stronger and last longer.
  • Galvanized 2000D rails increase strength and stiffness.


NEW 7’1″ x 31″ / 156 L

This board is ideal for beginners wanting to learn how to wingfoil. The length and width guarantee enough volume for stability and control before takeoff. At 7 feet and 1 inch, this board has a great glide that enables an easy pop off.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen

NEW 6’7″ x 29.5″ / 136 L

This board is perfect for intermediate riders up to 115kg. It balances stability and maneuverability providing an excellent experience for beginner riders as well.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen

NEW 6’1″ x 24″ / 101L

The 6’1” board was designed to work beautifully in downwind conditions thanks to its length and 24” width. It is also a good low-end board, since its glide allows for instant take offs.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen

NEW 5’9″ x 28″ / 116 L

For riders that want a maneuverable board that also feels stable before flight, the 5’9″ is the board of choice. The length gives enough planning to comfortably take off, yet is still small and therefore easily maneuvered while in motion. The 116L volume provides enough flotation to comfortably start standing on the board.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen

NEW 5’4″ x 27″ / 81L

The second smallest board in the range is still highly maneuverable and yet easier to use thanks to the width of the board, providing a more stable standing-start position.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen

NEW 4’11″ x 26″ / 73 L

Easiest to maneuver and great for freestyle riding, as well as super responsive in gybes and tacks. This board carries enough volume to start standing up on the board without having to sink it. Ideal for riders up to 80kg with intermediate to advanced skills in wingfoiling.

Available in Zen Single Chamber:

• Air Foil Zen

• NEW Air Foil Carbon Zen




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Model7'1" x 31"6'7" x 29.5"6'1" x 24"5'9" x 28"5'4" x 27"4'11" x 26"
Rider WeightUp to 130 kgUp to 115 kgUp to 95 kgUp to 100 kgUp to 90 kgUp to 80 kg
Length7'1" / 215.9 cm6'7" / 200.7 cm6'1" / 185.4 cm5'9" / 175.3 cm5'4" / 162.6 cm4'11" / 150 cm
Width31" / 78.7 cm29.5" / 74.9 cm24" / 60.9 cm28" / 71.1 cm27" / 68.6 cm26" / 66 cm
Thickness4.75" / 12 cm4.75" / 12 cm4.75" / 12 cm4.75" / 12 cm4" / 10.2 cm4" / 10.2 cm
Tail Width21.2” / 53.8 cm20.9” / 53.0 cm19.1” / 48.5 cm21.2” / 53.8 cm20.4” / 51.8 cm21.2” / 53.8 cm
Volume156 L136 L101 L116 L81 L74 L
FootstrapIncluded only Air Foil Light WeightIncluded only Air Foil Light WeightIncluded only Air Foil Light WeightIncluded only Air Foil Light WeightIncluded only Air Foil Light WeightIncluded only Air Foil Light Weight
Foil Set UpTop PlateTop PlateTop PlateTop PlateTop PlateTop Plate
WeightAir Foil Carbon: 8.70 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 10.27 kg (Est)
Air Foil Carbon: 7.50 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 9.63 kg (Est)
Air Foil Carbon: 7.35 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 8.68 kg (Est)
Air Foil Carbon: 6.91 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 8.76 kg (Est)
Air Foil Carbon: 6.48 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 8.31 kg (Est)
Air Foil Carbon: 5.96 kg (Est.)
Air Foil: 7.11 kg (Est)

Board weight tolerance: +/- 5%

For every board Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation.

Each tree absorbs 673kg of CO2 during its first 25 years.

50% of absorption goes towards offsetting this board & 50% is secured as carbon credits to fund livelihood projects in Myanmar.

The average emission from a Starboard board is 100 kg CO2.

By planting 3 trees per board we offset this 10 x over.

1.4 kg of trash is collected per board by starboard pop crews at beaches in thailand & myanmar.

Globally, an individual is responsible for 1.4 kg of plastic reaching the ocean every year.

Starboard balances this amount for our customers.